Personal Training Frequently Asked Questions

I am a home-based masseuse that mean that i work from home. I am located in the heart of Yermasogia in the tourist area.

I also do house-calls, meaning i can come to your house/office if this is more convenient for you should you be located far away. This can be arranged for a small extra charge depending on your location.

All massages last for approximately 1 hour. If you want the massage to last longer or shorter time this can be arranged also.

All 1 hour (60min) massages cost €40

If you will not be exercising at your house, or outdoors, the location where i normally train my clients is Crossfit Limassol. This is a place with weights, barbells, heavy balls, airbikes and more. No machines!
There are lockers rooms and showers which you can use.

The duration of each training session varies. It can be a 30′ (minute) high intensity training, to 60′, or a 90′ kayak/sup session or even 2hrs (if you choose Road Cycling).

The FREE consultation is when we meet for the first time and we talk about your goals and your lifestyle and i advise you on the best program for you. I will happily answer any questions for free, including health and fitness questions that don’t relate to training with me.

That is when we will talk about the total amount, in other words, your investment for a better lifestyle.

Choose how often you would like to train. Choose from 4, 8 and 12 sessions per month or pay per session.

Pay-Per-Visit session €35 8 sessions per month €225
4 sessions per month €120 12 sessions per month €300

Choose the monthly membership and get:


As you understand you and the trainer are committing to a ‘contract’ to get the results you want and the trainer to keep a financially viable business. If there will be a lot of cancellations or payment delays, this is not good for noone. To avoid these please note: 

  1. Payment is done in the beginning of the session.
  2. Membership payment is done prepaid on the 1st session unless otherwise arranged.
  3. Membership package expires after 45 days
  4. If you want to freeze your membership (a maximum of 2 weeks) there is a ‘freeze fee‘ of €60 payable before you stop payable to the trainer.
  5. If you are travelling alot thus need to cancel alot, the next better option is to choose the pay per visit fee.
Cancellations & Rescheduling
  • To cancel a pre-booked or scheduled session with no charge or cancellation fee, UrbanFitness PT requires a minimum of 24 hours notice. Otherwise the session will be normally charged.
  • If you would like your prepaid package to be ‘frozen’, there is a ‘freeze fee’ of €60 for a maximum of 2 weeks, payable before you actually stop the trainings. After that period, the sessions will be normally charged as they occur.
  • Prepaid monthly package sessions have an expiry date of 45 days. After that, the sessions will be charged as they occur on the planned days/hours until the sessions paid for are finished.
  • Any rearranged cancelled sessions will be at a time mutually agreed between you and the Personal Trainer
  • If you believe that due to travelling or work you will have alot of cancellations, the next best option would be to buy individual sessions at €35 each paid on the day of training.

That depends on you, your goals and your lifestyle. I will assess this in your free consultation and develop the perfect program for you. The key is getting the right balance.

I want you to begin a Personal Training program that becomes routine, something that is manageable and that works with your lifestyle. That way, i know you will be able to stick at it and get the results you deserve. There’s no point training six days a week only to burn out a couple off months later and put the weight back on. One to three Personal Training sessions a week, a couple of walks a week on your own, and some common sense when it comes to food is often the best balance.

You’ll get amazing results in a very short time yet you’ll still have the time to enjoy your life!

Yes! I have some clients who train in the lounge room of a small unit and simply move the coffee table out of the way. There are thousands of exercises that need nothing more than a set of boxing pads and your own body weight, a small space or lack of equipment aren’t issues. Depending on your goals and if you are training in your home or outdoors, i will also bring medicine balls, fit balls, dumbbells, kettle bells, boxing gloves & pads, thera bands, ladders, bosu , skipping ropes, TRX and a whole lot of other goodies.

One Personal Training session isn’t even 1% of your week, so you can find time! The key to success for many busy people is to treat your Personal Training session as a set appointment, just like work. You wouldn’t skip a day at work because you ‘just didn’t feel like it’ would you? Get yourself into a set routine (i will help you with it) and once it becomes a habit it will become a lot easier to find the time and keep it up. When it comes to your health, you can’t afford to not find time.

Only if you want to be! I will train you to the perfect intensity every time so this is different for everyone. Most people like to feel a little tight the next day when they walk up stairs, but it’s entirely up to you. I am here to make you feel fit and energetic, not tired and sore all week long! I am a professional with a passion for helping you enjoy getting in shape.

Yes, however you may need to consult your Doctor or Physiotherapist first. I am more than happy to work with other professionals when necessary. As your sessions are one-on-one, i will develop your program around your injuries or any other limitations you may have. In many cases such as bad backs, and knee and shoulder injuries, i will give you rehabilitation exercises to strengthen and improve injuries you have. Most clients see dramatic improvements. If it’s something minor like many of my new clients, such as a stiff back at the end of a long days work, chances are it’ll feel better than it has for years after just a few weeks of Personal Training.

Just yourself, a towel and a bottle or two of water. Wear appropriate exercise clothes and shoes. If we exercise at the gym there is changing rooms and showers. If you start a new training package please make sure you bring the payment in cash.

No. If you would like a trial training session before you decide whether you will start on no that would be €15.

It is a 50% OFF discounted training session during which we will sweat a little bit and you get a glimpse of the kind of training that i do. It’s my chance to show you how i can help you enjoy achieving your goals at UrbanFitness. The session is around 45 minutes, you get a great workout and i will give you some great advice whether you commence Personal Training with me or not.

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